It’s Hot, It’s Summer, So Should I Treat My Duckweed Problem?

Common duckweed04Really the title of this article says it all.  In the heat of summer, plant life in a pond will grow abundantly.  This can be good or bad, but in the case of duckweed, I have to admit that most people don’t really like it in their big ponds.  

Like it or not, that’s just a fact.  

I’m not insinuating that every single pond owner will want an absolute, pristine, perfectly clear pond where they can see every fish and all the way to the bottom, peering through water that is almost as clear as glass.  No, I’m not suggesting everyone is like this, but in truth, most of us want to see a little bit of the water now and then.

And Duckweed doesn’t always make this easy to do.

It’s a fast growing, nutrient gulping little pod of a plant that will bloom out and cover a big ole pond in a hurry when conditions are right.

And when that happens people (maybe you) have an urge to kill it.

But hold off on pulling the trigger on this plan until after we’ve talked about if first, OK?

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