Support Your Frogs And Toads!

I’m going to come right out and say it…frogs and toads do not get enough love. But we can change that. Set up the right habitat…meaning a nice pond environment. Take care of said environment in a healthy, eco-friendly manner, and you will most likely support a very nice frog and toad population!

One Dam Fine Letter

We all know the importance of maintaining good water practices. Most state environmental agencies are charged with the task of overseeing such things, but sometimes their zest for enforcement can lead to some unexpected, and humorous responses. Be sure to the take the time to read both the original state letter, and the dam fine reply by the landowner. Both are actual letters, validated by the state of Michigan.

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Earth Day – Save On Our Natural Products

Each year, we celebrate Earth Day. April 22nd represents the special day when we’re reminded to care and respect this wonderful place we all call home.

Make no mistake, it’s a very good thing…a good symbolic reminder of what’s important. But one day of respectful celebration won’t do all that much in practical fact. What you and I do every day will matter a lot more.

That’s really what we’re all about, at least as far as pond care goes.

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Act Now: Proposed Regulation Could End Access To Koi

For pond owners who love to work with Koi, this is important information that you need to be aware of. Here’s some background on what’s going on and what you can do to protect your access to a variety of high quality Koi.

Injurious Species List

The Center for Invasive Species Prevention (CISP) has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to add 43 species of fish to the Injurious Species list. Included on the list is common carp, or koi.

If these fish are added to the Injurious Species list, it will be illegal to transport them across state lines. Importation and production of koi will no longer be economically feasible. Koi retailers will likely lose their businesses and pond owners will no longer have access to the variety of koi they currently enjoy.

In response, the National Aquaculture Association as well as other groups are formulating a plan to fight and oppose this regulation.

Your Help is Needed

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Can This Device End Your Duckweed Problem?

If you have duckweed or other floating weeds blooming in your pond right now, this post is for you.

It can be a frustrating and miserable feeling to see your once pristine pond getting quickly covered with some kind of floating gunk that ends up covering the entire surface.

What you’re looking at could be several things but usually it’s some form of duckweed, watermeal, or floating scum-like algae.

For duckweed and watermeal a very common suggestion is to treat these floating pond weeds with some type of chemical. Fluridone is a commonly prescribed remedy and this can be found under several brand names, including Sonar or Whitecap. It works as a photosynthesis disruptor and can certain work to keep ponds clear of the weeds. But this type of treatment can be quite expensive.

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