About Us

Pond Algae Solutions is owned and operated by KLM Solutions, a U.S. based distributor and retailer of a variety of pond related products. We serve customers nationwide and have been doing so since 2004. We are based in Muscatine Iowa.

We’re committed to providing pond owners with state of the art, natural and other non-chemical alternatives for pond management and algae control.

Our customer base ranges from commercial developments, golf courses, municipalities, and private landowners. And we take pride in assisting owners of all sizes of ponds, from the smallest to the largest with helpful advice and information.

We have a highly trained staff that’s ready to serve your pond management needs through our service programs or consultations.

We are dedicated to providing products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers while we help to maintain a cleaner and safer environment in which to live.

To contact KLM Solutions…

By Phone:
800-575-3189 – Toll Free Technical Support

By Email:
Please use the contact page on our website found here.

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