Game Changer – The Quattro-DB Ultrasound Algae Control System Is Here

This is exciting news that I can finally share!

After a year and half of intense development, I’m thrilled to report that the all new, Quattro-DB ultrasonic system is available! And when I say it’s a game changer for algae control…particularly for larger ponds and lakes, I’m not using that term lightly.

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How A Kasco Pond Deicer Saved A Whale

As winter approaches we always get questions on how to deal with ice in a pond. It’s an important consideration if you have a dock, or similar structure, or you have fish that you might want to protect. There are several ways to deal with ice build up with the most popular tools being some … Read more

Winter Ponds Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes I find myself questioning if certain topics are worth talking about. Standing on thin ice would be one of those but in truth, it’s a very important thing to talk about. The proof in this is the various news reports you see every winter, where people, pets, or even wildlife end up falling through … Read more

Pond Fountains – Beauty With Benefits

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions on pond fountains and aeration in general. And I think a misconception of sorts came out of some of what I’ve written before. People got the idea that I didn’t like fountains. But that’s not really true. It is accurate to say that I don’t like … Read more

What’s A Pond Circulator Good For?

We talk a lot about pond aeration and why it’s so important for almost any size of pond. Normally in our discussions we focus mostly on sub-surface aeration, simply because it does so much for the entire pond. But it should be noted that there are many kinds of aerators for ponds and one of … Read more

Can Every Pond Be Restored?

Pond mountain

You know, we see a lot of pond problems around here.  Algae, weeds, muck, stench, stagnation, all kinds of colors too.

I’m not going to claim we’ve seen it all because nature is a creative force but we’ve seen quite a bit over the years.

And we’ve worked with a lot of ponds.  We’ve helped most, and been frustrated by some.

So we have a lot in common, you and me.

What this is all leading to, is a question that came up recently from a frustrated pond owner, and it’s time we covered it.

Is every pond recoverable?  Can every one be restored?

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