Support Your Frogs And Toads!

I’m going to come right out and say it…frogs and toads do not get enough love. But we can change that. Set up the right habitat…meaning a nice pond environment. Take care of said environment in a healthy, eco-friendly manner, and you will most likely support a very nice frog and toad population!

One Dam Fine Letter

We all know the importance of maintaining good water practices. Most state environmental agencies are charged with the task of overseeing such things, but sometimes their zest for enforcement can lead to some unexpected, and humorous responses. Be sure to the take the time to read both the original state letter, and the dam fine reply by the landowner. Both are actual letters, validated by the state of Michigan.

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Earth Day – Save On Our Natural Products

Each year, we celebrate Earth Day. April 22nd represents the special day when we’re reminded to care and respect this wonderful place we all call home.

Make no mistake, it’s a very good thing…a good symbolic reminder of what’s important. But one day of respectful celebration won’t do all that much in practical fact. What you and I do every day will matter a lot more.

That’s really what we’re all about, at least as far as pond care goes.

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Dangerous Ponds – Do You Have One Near You?

Last week a sad tale hit the newswire with details surrounding the death of an 80 year old Wisconsin Rapids man. He had gone out to clean some algae from a pond on his property, and when he hadn’t returned that evening his wife became concerned and went looking for him, and found him face … Read more

Pond Aerator Pumps Are Not Indestructable

After years of being in the pond business, it could be said that we’ve sold A LOT of pond aeration systems. From small backyard koi pond aerators to mulit-acre lake packages, and just about everything in between. In that time, we’ve learned, and observed, what it takes to keep these systems up and running for … Read more