Pond Aeration Questions – This Video Is The Answer

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If you’re researching large pond aerators, more often than not, you end up with a lot of questions. I get them all the time.

What is an aerator actually going to do for my pond? How does it work? How do I get the right size system for my pond? What’s installation like, can I do it myself? And what about maintenance, is it hard to do?

These are questions that come up time and time again and with good reason. For an investment like this you need to know what you’re getting into.

Fortunately there are some really useful resources out there that answers most of these critical questions.

I’ve prepared a video, with the help of our friends at Airmax, that covers them very well and I think you’ll find it really helpful, even if you already have an aerator in place. But particularly for those that are looking to get an aerator up and running in their pond, this is absolutely critical information to have.

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