Can This Device End Your Duckweed Problem?

If you have duckweed or other floating weeds blooming in your pond right now, this post is for you.

It can be a frustrating and miserable feeling to see your once pristine pond getting quickly covered with some kind of floating gunk that ends up covering the entire surface.

What you’re looking at could be several things but usually it’s some form of duckweed, watermeal, or floating scum-like algae.

For duckweed and watermeal a very common suggestion is to treat these floating pond weeds with some type of chemical. Fluridone is a commonly prescribed remedy and this can be found under several brand names, including Sonar or Whitecap. It works as a photosynthesis disruptor and can certain work to keep ponds clear of the weeds. But this type of treatment can be quite expensive.

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Powdered Pond Dye Now Available

Want a quick, clean, and easy way to add dye to your pond? Up to now most often we’ve had to use concentrated liquids for this task, but thanks to Easy Pro we now have an alternative. I’ve come to like powdered dyes because they still concentrated but much easier, and cleaner to work with … Read more

Save Now On Pond Biotix Bundles!

Our Pond Biotix line of products has become a favorite go-to tool for many pond owners! For those that have been with us for some time, you might recall that we spent a lot of time and effort trying to come up with a really great, effective natural product for keeping ponds of all sizes … Read more

What’s A Pond Circulator Good For?

We talk a lot about pond aeration and why it’s so important for almost any size of pond. Normally in our discussions we focus mostly on sub-surface aeration, simply because it does so much for the entire pond. But it should be noted that there are many kinds of aerators for ponds and one of … Read more

An Affordable Solution To Shallow Pond Aeration

There was a time, not all that long ago, when it was kind of challenging to aerate a pretty shallow body of water. By shallow I mean something around 6′ or less in depth. While it’s true, a lot of folks used surface fountains and bubblers, and they work pretty well, they do have their … Read more

The Aquascape PRO 60 Aerator

Pro60 1I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re always on the lookout for better products for both small and large ponds.  There’s no two ways about it, things are always changing and in many cases these adaptions lead to improvements.  And in the world of small pond aerators, the Aquascape PRO 60 aerator is no exception.  It covers something our old line of mid-sized aerators just couldn’t handle.

For some time now, I’ve been pretty happy with the aerators we’ve offered in our online store.  Most notable are the small pond systems which cover ponds a bit bigger than three to four thousand gallons.  This includes the Koi Air 1 and Koi Air 2 models which are rated up to 8,000 and 16,000 gallons respectively.

But there was one issue with both of these units and to me it stood out like a sore thumb.  They only work up to a depth of about 4 feet.  This isn’t a huge issue necessarily because many ponds would still fall into this range, but a fair number did not.  So we really needed to find something that would handle the greater depth, and with the PRO 60 we’ve done just that.

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