Earth Day – Save On Our Natural Products

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Each year, we celebrate Earth Day. April 22nd represents the special day when we’re reminded to care and respect this wonderful place we all call home.

Make no mistake, it’s a very good thing…a good symbolic reminder of what’s important. But one day of respectful celebration won’t do all that much in practical fact. What you and I do every day will matter a lot more.

That’s really what we’re all about, at least as far as pond care goes.

For 15 years now, we’ve worked to help pond owners eliminate the use of chemicals, and replace these damaging things with something much more natural, holistic, and supportive.

Take beneficial bacteria as an example. To Mother Nature, these microbes are nothing new, but it was a revelation when we discovered their power many years ago. An algae bloom that once required a copper algaecide to knock it down, could now be managed, in a better way, with a ecologically friendly and supportive approach.

This is truly an “Earth Day” way to go about it!

But enough of my rambling. What April 22 means for you, as one of our valued customers, is that you can save 10% on everything in our store on Earth Day.

The following coupon code – EARTHDAY2217 – will do the trick. Just enter this in the box on the checkout page and the shopping cart will handle the rest! Be advised, this discount is available for 24 hours only. Online orders only.

Pick up anything you like of course, but know that we rarely run special pricing on some products like our Biosphere Pro bacterial products…but on this day, you can save on these too!

Thank you as always for supporting our business through all these years, and thank you for choosing to use eco-friendly products to keep your pond looking great!

All the best…
Mark Washburn

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