Game Changer – The Quattro-DB Ultrasound Algae Control System Is Here

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This is exciting news that I can finally share!

After a year and half of intense development, I’m thrilled to report that the all new, Quattro-DB ultrasonic system is available! And when I say it’s a game changer for algae control…particularly for larger ponds and lakes, I’m not using that term lightly.

The Quattro-DB Ultrasonic Algae Control Device Is Unique

I don’t want to knock anyone in the ultrasound market, because frankly, we’ve worked with most of them. And in their day, they were revolutionary in how we treated algae in larger ponds. But to be honest, some of this technology kind of got stagnant. There was room to grow and improve, but it just wasn’t happening that much.

Reliability was alright, but could be better. The effective range of the devices was good, but could be greater. And the effectiveness of the systems, while good (at about 70% for all installations) certainly left room for improvement.

The Quattro though is bringing about some much needed advancements in terms of cost vs coverage, and a much denser frequency array, which should mean better control of algae, in it’s many forms.

What I’m most excited about is the promising affect this device is having on blue-green algae. You read about this stuff in the papers every summer. You know the kind that can turn toxic? We need a way to effectively deal with this stuff in a non-chemical way, and early indications in testing are showing very good results.

Rather than go into the intricate details here, I’ve updated our website page to note the new features and specs of this system. You can read about those via the link below. I’m also working on a few videos that will cover this system in more depth and should have those available in a few weeks.

For the time being, if you have questions on ultrasound technology and how it might help control algae in your pond or lake, just use the contact form on our blog here and I’ll be happy to help!

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1 thought on “Game Changer – The Quattro-DB Ultrasound Algae Control System Is Here”

  1. I live in Lake Heritage in Gettysburg, Pa. We bought a house here 4.5 years ago because it was a Private Lake Community. The Lake has been disgusting with Algae now for 4 years. Even closed by the EPA. The Community changed Lake maintenance company and did no maintenance to save money. All the herons and ducks have vanished.
    Today I was walking by the Lake and there were 2 men dumping a liquid from the bed of a Pickup into the spillway from a large plastic container, like what the farmers use to spray Roundup on the fields to kill weeds. The truck had No Identification numbers for Licensing Permit, No Business Name, and their Pa. Tag was covered.
    I asked them for their Business card, they had none.
    They said they were dumping Algae Blast into a 800 acre lake. Is this legal , who would I contact to find out.
    I am really interested in your ultrasound unit. Would it work here ? and can you suggest other idea to control the Algae ? ? such as plants , fish that eat algae , anything that is not toxic to the environment and poisons that kill the wildlife . PLEASE HELP

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