A Cost Effective Option To Dredging Your Pond


I couldn’t help but notice a recent article from an online newspaper called Sauk Valley which is an area not far from here in western Illinois.

Like many municipalities, these folks are dealing with an aging pond that’s filling in, and of course during the warm months, algae will usually show up too.  Each year it seems to get a little worse.

As ponds become more shallow, the challenges of keeping it clean and healthy can increase and there’s a lot of reasons for this.  Sunlight penetration can stimulate more growth.  Weeds can take hold at the bottom.  The aforementioned algae cycles through it’s typical life and death, and as it dies, it sinks and adds compost like muck at the bottom.  And this feeds more growth.

In the case of the Thomas Park pond in Sterling Illinois, the powers that be have decided to spend some money on dredging out the pond.  This involves the physical cleaning and removal of this bottom sediment, and it won’t be cheap.

The estimated cost will be right around $150,000.

But are there other options that won’t cost so much?

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