Our Pond Fresh Chlorine Filters Have Been Modified

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Chlorine and Chloramines are simply not something you want in your fish pond. Yet they are found in virtually every municipal water source.

So, if you have a fish pond, and live in a city with a muni water supply, be sure to check with your city water department to find out what they are using to disinfect the water.

Chlorine on it’s own will evaporate from a pond in decent time, usually within 24 hours, if you’re filling it up for the season. You still really don’t want to add any chlorinated water to an existing fish pond. Chloramines however last much longer and so simply waiting for them to wain usually isn’t convenient.

There are several ways you can take these chemicals out of the water. Various tablets and liquids can be found online and they work pretty well.

We’ve chosen to go a different route and offer a filter which will remove virtually all of these substances easily. This makes it good to use for gardeners as well as pond owners.

Recently though some changes have been made to the Pond Fresh filters that you need to be aware of. In order for them to work well, the flow rate of the water through the filter must be managed. You need a certain amount of latency for the filter to actually take out something like chloramines.

So now you’ll find several tubes on each end of the filter to keep the flow rate within acceptable limits.

For gallon capacities, be sure to check our website for details. Again, be sure to contact your city water supplier to know what you’re dealing with, and then you can figure out the expected life or the gallon capacity of the filter more specifically.

The video below will go into more detail on the modifications and specs.

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