The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

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If you spend any time outside at all, you’ve likely found yourself on the receiving end of a bite or two from the ever-nagging mosquito.

Quite frankly for most of my life, all I ever worried about was easing the itch from getting bitten. The problem is this “after the fact” approach isn’t such a great idea today.

Two years ago while spending some time in Kansas City I got a bite from a mosquito. I caught the critter in the act and killed it but later that evening it was apparent that it was different than a typical mosquito bite.

I felt absolutely miserable for the next week or two with flu like symptoms and have since learned that west nile virus had been commonly found in the area where I was bitten.

After that experience I must admit that I become much more proactive about warding off mosquitoes. Granted this isn’t always easy, but it sure beats the alternative. So as they say, the best defense is a good offense.

Around our home, I make a point to not let water collect in areas where mosquitoes can breed. I do my best to avoid being outside near dusk and I make sure I put on a safe “deet free” repellent that I trust when I spend much time outdoors.

And along with these steps I use some simple skeeter traps, and eco-friendly larvae control to take a combined approach to dealing with the critters and for the most part I like the approach. It addresses controlling mosquitoes at their weakest point, and if they do get to adulthood or blow in, there’s a bit of protection in that too.

I cover this multi-control approach in the video below and I hope that it provides a few ideas to keep you and your family safe this summer.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes”

  1. We aren’t bothered by mosquitos here in our yard but have heard of mosquito eating fish. They can be obtained sometimes through Fish and Game I think. Maybe the extension office in your area would have more info.

  2. hi,
    The county of Los Angeles, gives away for free,
    misquito fish, they can live in very funky conditions. But they are like a “guppy” type fish and don’t bother my gold fish.
    And they eat the larva.
    here in SoCal, we don’t have “seasons” as much as the rest of the country, so we have misquitos all year round.
    For topical protection for me, I make a spray of Avon’s skin so soft, and water, I use very little SSS, and lots of water, and spray on me and my dogs.
    consequently I don’t have a flea, tick or misquito problems.
    and it also smells nice too.
    Thanks for the tips Mark,
    My fish and I are grateful for your videos!
    take care
    Malibu, CA
    Zuma Beach

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