Ultrasonic Algae Control – Facts And Fiction


As the years go by, more and more pond owners are hearing about the use of ultrasonic algae control devices and how they might help one’s pond look better.  More retailers are certainly offering the systems now and with that, there’s been an increase in mis-information and one might say the promise that ultrasound is the perfect and complete solution for algae reduction.

In this article I want to address the real facts surrounding this technology and tell you what it’s good for, and at the same time I think it’s important to expose it’s limitations, and finally how you can be sure that the device will actually do what you want it to do regarding algae control.

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Pending Sonic Solutions Price Increase

This is a quick notice to our customers and those of you who may be researching ultrasonic algae control options for your pond. Effective on 3/30/2011 we will be increasing the price of our Sonic Solutions units for pond and industrial algae control applications. This will include the ss100, ss200, ss400, ss500, and ss600 units. … Read more

Ultra Violet Filtration vs. UltraSonic Algae Control – Technologies Compete

There’s no question that emerging technology over the last few decades as helped pond owners create better looking ponds. Unfortunately along with all of these advances comes the inevitable confusion of what’s best for a particular pond situation. Today I want to address two very useful tools in pond algae control, and cover their benefits … Read more