How To Kill Algae In A Large Pond

Algaecide spraying

Pond algae is just one of those things that most people want to get rid of.  If you’ve had it show up you probably know what I mean.  First there’s the shock of a once pretty pond turning into a green and slimy mess.  Maybe it will even smell bad which leads to even more frustration.

So really, who could blame you for wanting to learn how to kill algae that you find in a large pond?

Certainly not me.

But as I always do, I want to pass along a warning of sorts that sometimes killing things isn’t always the best option and it’s no different when it comes to pond algae.

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Working Against Algae In A Large Pond

Large ponds have special challenges when you’re dealing with an algae problem. Compared to small ponds where you can remove some of the stuff pretty easily, a large body of water doesn’t always make this all that easy. Although there are similar reasons why algae might thrive in any pond, the fact is that large … Read more