Watch Out For Chlorine In Your Fish Pond

I recently came across this post in a pond forum and wanted to share this with you…and while you’d think this would be a rare thing to happen in a fish pond, that’s not really the case.

“Late last fall ,I allowed a distraction to cause me to effectively KILL all  of my Goldfish ,I had just turned on the tap water to add about 50 gals of make up water,company came ,and you know the rest ,5 hrs later ,the massacre was found ,I was SICK ,after the funeral for 85 of our friends.”

If you live in a city and/or use municipally treated water, then you’re facing a challenge of dealing with either chlorine, or worse yet, chloramines, in the water.  These chemicals are commonly used to help disinfect drinking water and while they may not cause any issues for us in the short term, the fact is they are deadly to pond fish.

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Oops, My Fish Are Dead…Chlorine Kills

If I had to summarize the topic this week it would simply be that “chlorine kills fish”. Not a happy topic to be sure but it’s a reality that sometimes mistakes happen. If you have a fish pond you’re likely well aware that municipal tap water is not ideally suited to fish health. Most tap … Read more