A Pond In The Sun

In the midst of summer, it’s a common question. How much does sun exposure affect algae growth? And like most answers, the correct one might range from a little to a lot. Isn’t that always how it is? Every pond is different in how it responds to sun light and for some ponds sun light … Read more

The Inverted Pond – It’s A Bad Day For Fish

It’s hot, it’s steamy, and no, it’s not a romance novel. It’s the summer weather in most of the country as we move into June and July. This is a perfect time to talk about a phenomenon that often occurs during this time of year and it’s not a pleasant development if you have fish. … Read more

Pond Algae Treatments And Combined Chaos

When pond algae starts to prosper in your watergarden, most of us will try anything to get rid of it. We pull out our arsenal of algae fighting tools, get busy with the rakes, add whatever we have in the shed to the water, or start scanning the online world for solutions. In other words, … Read more

Pond Plants Do More Than Beautify Your Water Garden

Backyard ponds are more popular today than ever. They provide peace, relaxation and enjoyment for owners, and habitat for birds, fish, and insects. Ponds can be as simple as a Saturday afternoon do-it-yourself job, or as complicated as a professionally designed and landscaped one. Whatever you choose, pond plants add the final touch to your … Read more

Keeping Pond Fish Safe From Predators – The Follow Up

Well it was quite a response. Of all the articles we’ve done so far, the one about keeping pond fish safe from predators really generated a lot of responses from our readers. This doesn’t surprise me really. Pond owners are helpful, caring people, and many know what it’s like to find a heron, raccoon, cat, … Read more

A Biodegradable Aquasphere For 1/4 Acre Ponds Is Here

At Pond Algae Solutions one of our main focal points is to look for and work at producing the most environmentally friendly, or “green” products that can clear up algae problems in any size of pond. There’s no question that one of our most popular products this spring has been the 1/2 acre biodegradable aquasphere. … Read more