Powdered Pond Dye Now Available

Want a quick, clean, and easy way to add dye to your pond? Up to now most often we’ve had to use concentrated liquids for this task, but thanks to Easy Pro we now have an alternative. I’ve come to like powdered dyes because they still concentrated but much easier, and cleaner to work with … Read more

How Pond Fountains Can Help With Algae Issues

Whether your pond is small or large, it goes without saying that aeration in some form is very beneficial. Over the years we’ve mentioned that sub-surface aerators, or putting a diffuser at the bottom of the pond is highly desirable. That’s not to say that a fountain on the surface of the pond won’t be … Read more

How Pond Dye Can Help With Your Algae Or Weed Problems

Summer time can be hard on a pond. Of course you’ll commonly see very high temperatures and along with that comes a lot of sunny days. I’m normally partial to a little sunshine and like John Denver, I like it on my shoulder now and then. But it can beat down on a pond and … Read more

Our Pond Fresh Chlorine Filters Have Been Modified

Chlorine and Chloramines are simply not something you want in your fish pond. Yet they are found in virtually every municipal water source. So, if you have a fish pond, and live in a city with a muni water supply, be sure to check with your city water department to find out what they are … Read more

Pond Algae Loves Phosphates

Pond algae needs certain things to grow really well. It’s a plant after all, and if you ask any good gardner what they like to see come growing season, it’s a nice balance of sun, rain, and some really good, nutrient rich soil. For a pond owner, that “soil” might be at the bottom of … Read more