Amazing Pond Stories Including Jabba The Bullfrog

Do You Have An Interesting Pond Story? A few weeks ago we received a couple of neat pictures of a Bullfrog named Jabba that has dined on small birds and now what appears to be a pretty good sized fish! And here’s another angle on the feast… Bullfrog’s are really quite interesting and as you … Read more

We’re Going To The Birds And More

What Do Birds Have To Do With Ponds? It may sound odd to include the topic of birds and bird feeders on a pond algae website but I would be remiss to not mention the subject of bird feeders as we near the holidays. You see a handful of years ago, my wife and I … Read more

Ultra Violet Filtration vs. UltraSonic Algae Control – Technologies Compete

There’s no question that emerging technology over the last few decades as helped pond owners create better looking ponds. Unfortunately along with all of these advances comes the inevitable confusion of what’s best for a particular pond situation. Today I want to address two very useful tools in pond algae control, and cover their benefits … Read more