Do It Yourself Pond Filter

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot about pond filters and how they can be very important to helping keep a pond clean, clear, and free of algae.

There is no question that one of the best types of filters for this task is the biological filter, which uses beneficial bacteria to break down and assimilate all organic elements found in the pond. This includes pond algae of course but other materials like small leaf debris, fish waste, and pretty much any other “organic” material that makes it’s way into the pond in one way or another.

A well running bio-filter can do wonders for a pond and it can help keep algae under control as well as so many other things. Namely…your sanity…as a true bio-filter is not meant to be cleaned. The type of filter discussed in the video below actually ran for a number of years before the owner decided maybe it was time to clean it out. And they admitted it was a mistake to do so since it had worked well throughout that time, after the initial period of adjustment after the installation.

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