Pond Fish And Pond Algae – Are The Two Related?

In an ongoing effort to help people with green water and pond algae problems, it would be a mistake to not include the influence of fish in the equation.

In smaller ponds fish probably have more of an impact, both positive and potentially negative than anything else. On the positive side, few things can bring life and vitality into a pond any more than fish. If they’re colorful, you’ll find a rainbow of cascading colors shimmering under the water. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Green Water And The Sun

Green water problems are just another form of algae that can plague many ponds. Our approach to dealing with green water is much like it is with any other form of pond algae. If you can limit the things that help it grow, that’s a great start.

In the video below we’ll address a couple of things that any pond owner can do to make it harder for green water or planktonic algae to prosper in your pond.

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Ultrasound For Pond Algae Control

If you’ve read much about pond algae control lately, you’ve probably come across some new information about the use of ultrasound or ultrasonic sound waves being used to control pond algae.

We’ve worked with ultrasound for several years now and found it to be highly effective on some types of algae. New and very recent advancements are now making this an even more viable and useful tool for many pond algae problems.

In this video, you’ll learn what makes up a typical ultrasound system, and how it actually works to control algae. You’ll also find out why we’ve made a recent switch to an American made ultrasonic system that is packed full of technological advances that are raising the bar to a higher level of performance than we’ve ever seen before in this area of pond algae control.

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Pond Plant Identification 101

Over the years we’ve talked to a lot of pond owners and one of the keys to passing on a good “diagnosis” and treatment is to figure out just what the pond owner is seeing in their pond. To put it simply, it’s of basic importance to identify what your problem is, so you can treat it appropriately.

In the video below we talk about some of the more common “problem” plants that you’ll find in most ponds. In many cases of the of the pond weeds are more commonly found in larger ponds, but the algae we talk about can show up in any size of pond.

Along with an explanation and photos of the plants, we also talk about how to deal with them effectively.

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Is There A Secret To Pond Algae Control?

String Algae

A few years ago a book called The Secret hit the shelves and everyone was talking about it. If you haven’t read or heard about it, it involves something called the law of attraction. Or simply, you attract what you think about.

Now, I know what your probably thinking…he’s going to tell me to think about having a clear and clean pond in my mind and my algae problem will go away.

Uh, no…that’s not quite where I’m going with this, but you’re welcome to try that and let me know how it goes.

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Five Days To A Healthy Pond

For five years now pond owners have been learning from a report we put together to help simplify the battle with pond algae. I’m happy to announce that we’ve now put this updated report into a downloadable pdf format so you can save it to your own computer, print it out, share it with friends … Read more