Green Clean Algaecide Video

Green Clean is a safe and effective algaecide when it’s used as directed. In the video below we talk about how to use it correctly and safely. We also discuss it’s limitations as well as those of other algaecides. [youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube] Authors Note: In our online store at Pond Algae Solutions we made the … Read more

Pond Algae Solutions Audio CD’s

In the video below you can learn more about our Pond Algae Solutions audio program that offers a great deal of information on controlling algae naturally in any size of pond. This 2 cd set is over two hours in length and includes a question and answer section on many of the most commonly asked … Read more

A Biodegradable Aquasphere For 1/4 Acre Ponds Is Here

At Pond Algae Solutions one of our main focal points is to look for and work at producing the most environmentally friendly, or “green” products that can clear up algae problems in any size of pond. There’s no question that one of our most popular products this spring has been the 1/2 acre biodegradable aquasphere. … Read more