Oxy-Lift Defense Pond Cleaner – New Product News

I’ve talked a lot over the years about oxidizing pond cleaners in various forms and I’m happy to report that we’ve come across a great new tool in this lineup that seems to be doing a bang up job of clearing unwanted growth from waterfall streams and rocks. You can also try spot treating areas … Read more

Small Pond Aerator – New Product News

Finding a good quality, low cost (yes those two things can go together) small pond aerator has been on my list for some time. Afterall, many of the really good systems can cost several hundred dollars. But I think we’ve come up with just the right solution for many small ponds. Check out the video … Read more

Ultrasonic Algae Control Questions And Answers

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot about the use of ultrasound for pond algae control.

It’s showing tremendous promise in a number of installations and more and more pond owners are asking about it.

In the video below, I’ve compiled some of the most frequent questions we get about the device and provided some answers to those questions. You’ll learn how ultrasound actually works to control various types of algae. What type of monthly operating costs are involved and if the technology is safe for fish, among other things.

Read more

Barley Straw Products For Algae Control

Barley has been used for a very long time to control algae in ponds. In this video you can learn more about three of the most popular products, all based on barley straw, that are used to control algae in all sizes of ponds. There are pros and cons to using barley straw and you … Read more

The Algae Solution BioSphere

The BioSphere makes up the foundation of many of our pond algae treatment protocols. Here you can learn more about some eco-friendly changes we’re making to the line which will make the spheres not only better for the environment but easier to work with for the pond owner. [youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BgTNuRUHho[/youtube]

The Algae Solution Blast

The Algae Solution Blast product is a useful tool in pond algae control. Made up of a select form of concentrated beneficial bacteria, the Blast is, as the name implies, a supercharged boost to an ongoing pond treatment using the Biospheres. In comparison, the Biospheres provide balanced, month long treatment in a time-released fashion. Blast … Read more