The Importance Of Buffering pH In Your Pond

It’s a simple fact that the pH of pond water will fluctuate throughout the day and night, and it is not an absolutely stable thing. pH is affected by a lot of things in the pond and the environment. As we’ve talked in the past, having a reasonably neutral pH is a good thing, but … Read more

Why Test For pH In Your Pond?

Recently I did a video on how to use some basic testing strips to check certain qualities of your pond water. Today’s video is a continuation of that as we delve a bit deeper into the issue of pH and why it’s a good thing to know. For any pond, of any size, there is … Read more

Pond Water Testing

I spoke with several pond owners in the last few weeks and in those visits I was reminded once again that it’s not a bad idea to test your pond water from time to time. I have always viewed water testing to be of importance, particularly because certain elements in the water are very influential … Read more

Should Beneficial Bacteria Be Used In The Fall?

It may seem a bit early to say this for some folks around the country but summer is coming to a close. Where did it go?!? I’ll be right up front. I enjoy summertime. Yes we’re kept incredibly busy and it gets to be crazy around here sometimes, but I’m not sure I would have … Read more