Pond Fish And Pond Algae – Are The Two Related?

In an ongoing effort to help people with green water and pond algae problems, it would be a mistake to not include the influence of fish in the equation.

In smaller ponds fish probably have more of an impact, both positive and potentially negative than anything else. On the positive side, few things can bring life and vitality into a pond any more than fish. If they’re colorful, you’ll find a rainbow of cascading colors shimmering under the water. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Pond De-Icers And Fish Health

Below you’ll find an email that I recently received from our friend and customer, Hilde B. Hilde, had asked me to share this information with you as we get into fall as a reminder to folks that there are a few things you can do to help your fish over winter safely. Unfortunately this winter, … Read more

Too Many Fish?

It’s nearly a consensus among pond experts. When they are asked to evaluate a backyard pond with algae problems, more often than not they track the root of the problem back to fish in the pond. Fish may not be the primary cause in every case of pond algae, but their influence on the pond … Read more

The Inverted Pond – It’s A Bad Day For Fish

It’s hot, it’s steamy, and no, it’s not a romance novel. It’s the summer weather in most of the country as we move into June and July. This is a perfect time to talk about a phenomenon that often occurs during this time of year and it’s not a pleasant development if you have fish. … Read more

Keeping Pond Fish Safe From Predators – The Follow Up

Well it was quite a response. Of all the articles we’ve done so far, the one about keeping pond fish safe from predators really generated a lot of responses from our readers. This doesn’t surprise me really. Pond owners are helpful, caring people, and many know what it’s like to find a heron, raccoon, cat, … Read more