Pond Salt – What’s It Good For?

Last week’s pond start up tips and checklist generated a few additional questions from readers and more than anything else, people asked about the use of pond salt in a water garden pond. To clear up some misconceptions about the use of salt in ponds I’ll cover the topic in this week’s pond tip video. … Read more

Protecting Your Pond Fish

One of the things I like best about ponds is they are major attractor of wildlife of all kinds. This benefit however can sometimes turn into a curse for your fish if the wrong type of critter show’s up. Every year I get calls and emails concerning something like a Heron or Raccoon eating pond … Read more

Overwintering Your Pond Fish

If you’re planning on leaving your fish in a pond throughout the winter the video below will offer a few helpful tips that can make this an enjoyable time for you and a safe time for your fish.

As a teaser, if you’d like to see a guy in a Hawaiian shirt standing out in a snow storm (well ok, flurries) take a look. And you’ll find more helpful tips below the video itself.

If you have experience in overwintering your fish, please add your commentary at the bottom of this page, it will likely prove helpful to those just starting out in the pond care hobby.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b966XBnRU0s&feature=youtube_gdata[/youtube]

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A Good Resource With Some Bad Advice

I wanted to share a part of an email I received from a pond owner recently. He passed along some suggestions he received from an extension service in his area. Many of you probably know that overall I’m very fond of and highly recommend the use of your local extension since they often are a very good source of “local knowledge”.

In Steve’s case…uh, maybe not so much.

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