Winter Pond Aeration

Most everyone knows the value of good pond aeration during the summer months when the heat can get the best of any pond owner. Aeration is the best option available during the toughest times of the year to keep your fish safe and healthy…and that goes for the winter months too. In the most brutally … Read more

BioFilters For Ponds

For small pond owners that have fish, a biofilter is a key tool for keeping the pond cleaner, and healthier for the fish. If you’ve looked around at filters much you know they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and it can be hard to figure out which one of these many configurations might … Read more

An Argument About Aeration

Nearly everyone agrees on certain things. The world is round for instance…I’m thinking we can all agree on that. But bring up the topic of pond aeration and things get a little shaky. It’s not the fact that it’s good for a pond and for fish…no debate there. What folks may disagree on is what’s … Read more

Quarantine Your New Fish

Here’s a short video that covers the basics of quarantine, or separating any new fish you may be bringing into the pond, to keep the spread of disease and problems down. Most of this isn’t hard to do or very complicated but it can be vitally important to maintaining your fish health in your pond. … Read more