Keeping Your Koi And Other Pond Fish Healthy

You know, there are days when I envy a fish. I never have been that good of a swimmer and it must be nice to just cruise around under water and enjoy your life. I have to admit though, I wouldn’t want to live in some ponds. They just aren’t very accomidating.

I’m not talking about a small pond with little bit of green water or a spiff of string algae in a few spots. It’s the things you can’t usually see that will kill you. As a pond owner, and a fish care giver (sorry I can’t think of a better description at the moment) it’s important to know how to keep your fish healthy, and in simple terms, that often comes down to keeping their home, i.e. water in a healthy condition as well.

Let me say that again…healthy water usually equals healthy fish.

So let me leave you with a few fish friendly tips for healthy pond management.

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Pond Heaters And DeIcers

Of all the useful pond accessories that exist for winter use, a pond heater or deicer is an affordable and easily installed solution to protect your fish in a small pond. The video below will explain how they work, and where they work best. In some ways the name “heater” isn’t entirely accurate although the … Read more

Does Green Water Hurt Fish?

One of the most common questions we get about algae of any kind, concerns green water and whether this very common problem is actually harmful to fish.

It would make sense to say that this issue of clarity in any size of pond is really annoying to the pond’s owner. What may have once been a pristine and clear body of water, sometimes turns into a pea green soup overnight.

Green water in ponds, in case you don’t know, is actually created by very small, single cell algae that multiply out to the point where the water may become tinted slightly to the other end of the spectrum where you can’t see an inch down into the pond.

Like algae algae, these little fellow love sunlight and they derive a lot of energy from photosynthesis. Some of them even rise and fall during a 24 hour cycle. In the morning and throughout the day, they rise to the surface to soak in some rays, and at night they fall back down to the lower parts of the pond.

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A Great Resource For Healthy Fish

Ask any pond owner about fish and you’re likely to get a mixed response depending on who you talk to. For some, having fish is just a fundamental part of having a pond. For others they may be more of a hassle that they simply don’t want to bother with. Based on our friends who … Read more

Pond Heaters – Why Warm Your Pond In The Winter?

Let’s admit one thing. Fish are hardy creatures and in a sense, they’re designed to tolerate a lot of extremes in weather conditions. The one thing they can’t handle is being frozen solid. You might laugh a bit at that last statement, unless of course you’ve found your favorite koi or goldie in that unfortunate … Read more