What Kind Of Winter Is Ahead?

pond ice

It’s likely that no one needs to be reminded of last winter. It was long, very cold, and very snowy in many parts of the upper U.S.. Based at least on recent memory, I can’t recall one that was as cold, for so long, in the upper Midwest. As I reported in the spring, many … Read more

Serious Algae Problems On Lake Erie

This has been an interesting story to follow. It seems that due to high levels of phosphorus and other nutrients, some toxic algae blooms are now affecting the drinking water of millions of people in Northwest Ohio. Over the years, we’ve talked about algae blooms that can affect drinking water and usually, ever once in … Read more

Save Now On Pond Biotix Bundles!

Our Pond Biotix line of products has become a favorite go-to tool for many pond owners! For those that have been with us for some time, you might recall that we spent a lot of time and effort trying to come up with a really great, effective natural product for keeping ponds of all sizes … Read more

Pond Fountains – Beauty With Benefits

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions on pond fountains and aeration in general. And I think a misconception of sorts came out of some of what I’ve written before. People got the idea that I didn’t like fountains. But that’s not really true. It is accurate to say that I don’t like … Read more

What’s A Pond Circulator Good For?

We talk a lot about pond aeration and why it’s so important for almost any size of pond. Normally in our discussions we focus mostly on sub-surface aeration, simply because it does so much for the entire pond. But it should be noted that there are many kinds of aerators for ponds and one of … Read more