Winter Ponds Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes I find myself questioning if certain topics are worth talking about. Standing on thin ice would be one of those but in truth, it’s a very important thing to talk about. The proof in this is the various news reports you see every winter, where people, pets, or even wildlife end up falling through … Read more

There’s More Than Just Water In Your Pond

This amazing video shows a side of our ponds that we would rarely see, at least without the aid of a microscope. In truth, ponds are home to more than just fish, snails, turtles and the like. Much smaller and more inconspicuous are the many tiny animals that make up an aquatic kingdom. You’ll see … Read more

A Goldfish Story With A Happy Ending

I came across this article and video recently and wanted to share it with you all here. Ultimately it’s a happy story, of George the Goldfish. George is about 10 years old and is owned by a lady in Australia who became rather attached to her fish. Many of us can attest that she’s not … Read more

Don’t Do This When Winterizing Your Small Pond

For the water garden or small pond owner, plants, meaning desirable plants can be a very good thing. They’re natural of course, and along with adding a natural appearance to a pond, they also do a lot of other good things. If you want to ward off algae, certain plants like lilies or hyacinths can … Read more

The Battle With Ice

It was a long, cold winter for most of us last year. It seems like so long ago, but now that the deep chill is drifting in again from the north, my thoughts have gone back to the spring when we found countless fish and other wildlife floating around as casualties of the ice. Many … Read more