How To Set Up A Hydroponic Pond

Hydroponics…it’s a word you might hear from time to time, particularly when you’re buying a vegetable at the store. I remember the first time I came across a hydroponic tomato…I had no idea what it was. Then there were cucumbers, lettuces, and other plants, all coming from hydroponic operations, so of course it peaked my interest.

It turns out, and you probably now know this too, that plants can be grown in any number of contraptions and environments…they just need some water and a nutrient source.

Does this sound familiar? Sounds almost like a pond to me!

Nowadays, it’s getting quite common to hear about people building a hydroponic system that use a fish pond or holding tank as the complete nutrient source. You feed the fish a good healthy diet, and they in turn will feed the plants with their waste. And like any good aquatic plant, in return, the plants will clean the water and keep it healthy for the fish!

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