Powdered Pond Dye Now Available

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Want a quick, clean, and easy way to add dye to your pond?

Up to now most often we’ve had to use concentrated liquids for this task, but thanks to Easy Pro we now have an alternative.

I’ve come to like powdered dyes because they still concentrated but much easier, and cleaner to work with than the liquids.

If you’ve ever spilled pond dye on your clothes or gotten it on your hands, you know what I mean.

All of our dyes are non-toxic, and safe for pets, wildlife, livestock, fish, you name it.  They are made out of food coloring dyes as a base.

But they add one more tool in your battle against algae and unwanted weed growth.

Available in a 3 pack jar (which treats up to an acre in size), a 20 pack pail, and an 80 pack pail, there’s a size to fit just about any large pond.

Better still, we now have them in three colors!  We’re not talking just blue anymore.  You can also choose from the natural looking black, and black/blue combination.

To learn more about this great addition to our pond dye category, be sure to visit this page!

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