The One-Two Punch For The Coldest Conditions – And A Video With Great Winter Pond Tips

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It’s amazing when you stop and think about it.

How much your pond goes through.

And your fish too.

They have to deal with the hottest of summer extremes and every now and then, the coldest of bitter winters.

It’s the second one I want to talk about today.

Ice is not your friend, unless maybe your Dorothy Hammill or Wayne Gretzke.

Most certainly, your fish won’t benefit from it much.

So we’re in a battle against the ice. Last year, it might have won the war.

Except for a few pond owners who fought it off.

For big pond owners, you’ve got one tool, and that’s pond aeration. It does a pond good.

For small ponders though you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve and in the video above you’ll see that when you combine these tools together you can win against even the coldest temperatures.

I’d urge you to watch this short video because it has some awesome tips on winter pond management.

If you don’t have much time though, with the holiday thing going on and all, just know this…

For a smaller pond, a good deicer and aerator can be combined for amazing results!

For aerators, I’m biased a bit because I know how good the one’s we offer are, and they’re some of the best around.

They’re proven year after year and we’ve been working with some of them for nearly a decade now.

You can view them all right here.

And on the deicer suggestion.

I have only one and frankly it’s hard to get.

But it’s the most durable and reliable one I’ve found. It’s not cheap but it’s great at keeping some water open, and honestly, my fish are worth that.

Check out my most highly recommended pond deicer here.

With either one of these great tools (or both together) you’ll have what you need to protect your fish through the winter chills!

Until next time, keep your spirits up and your fish happy and healthy!

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