A Goldfish Story With A Happy Ending

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I came across this article and video recently and wanted to share it with you all here. Ultimately it’s a happy story, of George the Goldfish.

George is about 10 years old and is owned by a lady in Australia who became rather attached to her fish. Many of us can attest that she’s not alone in that regard.

But George developed a pretty good sized tumor on his head and a very kind vet offered to help. Through a very interesting process, surgery was performed successfully to remove the growth and now George is back in the pond and doing well.

Along with the story though, there’s some good advice and information found in this article.

Here’s a few that stood out to me.

  • Research now shows conclusively that fish feel pain.
  • Fish have excellent long term memories.
  • They have various emotions, anger for example, when confined in small, barren spaces.
  • They communicate with one another through various signals and sounds.
  • And when they’re cared for properly, they can leave several decades.

Now I’ll grant you that if you spend much time with fish at all, you probably know most of these things already but it’s nice to see that this information is being shared to a broader audience.

Another very good point of the article is the fact that many people look upon fish as “throw away” pets. They can be easily discarded through various means. One of which is to simple relocate them to a nearby pond.

But as we mentioned recently about invasive aquatic plants and the problems they are causing, non-native fish release can cause problems too. Ideally the best option of all is to find a proper home for the fish where it can be well cared for.

And speaking of care, you’ll find some other helpful tips on managing a fish pond in the article and there’s some additional information on finding an experienced fish vet in your area.

To learn more visit Mercola Healthy Pets, and for additional information on veterinary services go to fishvets.com.

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