An Affordable Solution To Shallow Pond Aeration

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screen_shot_2012-05-14_at_8.55.18_amThere was a time, not all that long ago, when it was kind of challenging to aerate a pretty shallow body of water. By shallow I mean something around 6′ or less in depth.

While it’s true, a lot of folks used surface fountains and bubblers, and they work pretty well, they do have their drawbacks. If you have water quality problems, like algae, they can plug up pretty easy and when that happens you can burn the motor out of them. Usually they cost a bit more to run too so their just not a great solution for everyone.

But a few years ago, some enterprising aerator companies started to work with some shallow pond kits that have ended up being pretty popular. We’ve sold several from the Airmax line since they came onto the market and they’ve been some of our most consistent sellers and many pond owners have really loved the way they improved their ponds.

Shallow pond aeration kits usually use a linear type of compressor which has diaphragms in it, rather than a rocking piston design, which really works best for deeper water. Linear’s are quiet, and are often very energy efficient. They produce very good, consistent air, but they are not designed to handle a lot of back pressure, which very deep depths tend to create. So in the end, they turned out to be a very good option for ponds down to about 8′ or less.

The one thing about shallow ponds and aeration that must be remembered is, in shallow water, a diffuser placed at say, 6 feet, won’t have as wide ranging of an effect on a pond’s area compared to something that’s twice as deep. In essence the deeper you go down to release the air, the more pond area you can positively affect.

So the way round that in a shallow pond is to have multiple diffusers or release locations to really spread the air around better. So commonly you’ll see these systems with 2 or 4 diffusers in the package.

As mentioned before, the Airmax line has had some shallow ponds kits for a few years now and they’re very good and they’re full featured. But not everyone want’s to spend the money on these higher end kits when they may not need a weather protective cabinet, or other accessories.

So in light of that fact, we’ve been on the search for a more affordable, albeit basic, shallow pond aeration system, and we’ve found a good one with the new Easy Pro Shallow Pond Aerator. This great addition to our line up will provide pond owner’s with another effective, efficient, and affordable solution to adding valuable oxygen into their pond, even if it’s pretty shallow. The EP system will work great in any pond up to about 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre and around 7 feet deep or less.

You can learn more about this great new kit right here. And you if you have any questions about aeration for your pond, either leave a comment below or be sure to contact us through this website.

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