How To Install A Pond Aeration Diffuser

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By now, many people know the value and benefits they’ll get when they install a pond aeration system in their pond.  If you’re still in the dark on this critical tool for pond health, you can learn more about it here, and here.

Beyond knowing how good it can be for a pond and fish, there’s often some reservations when it comes to putting one of these systems in the pond.  It’s not that folks don’t want to do it.  They’re just not sure how to install the darn things.

In terms of smaller ponds, the entire process is pretty easy.  But large  ponds can be a bit more labor intensive to deal with, and then there’s the aspect of getting the diffuser placed at the bottom of the pond in the right way.

In truth though, there’s nothing to worry about here, because the entire installation is relatively simple and easy to do.

Aerators, as you know, use a land based pump, some airline, and these things called diffusers that go in the pond itself.  

Basically you connect these elements together, plug the compressor into a standard outlet, and you’re off and running.

If there were a “tricky” part of the entire thing, it would probably focus on the placement of the diffusers.  And this is the most common question we get about aerator installations.  

How do I do this?  Is it easy?  Can I do this myself?

And the answers are yes, yes, and usually, no problem!

To make this a bit easier, Easy Pro put together a short video showing the process and in it, there are a couple of tips that you’re sure to find useful.  

And for more information on our line of Easy Pro aerators be sure to visit our aeration system page.

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