The Aquascape PRO 60 Aerator

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Pro60 1I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re always on the lookout for better products for both small and large ponds.  There’s no two ways about it, things are always changing and in many cases these adaptions lead to improvements.  And in the world of small pond aerators, the Aquascape PRO 60 aerator is no exception.  It covers something our old line of mid-sized aerators just couldn’t handle.

For some time now, I’ve been pretty happy with the aerators we’ve offered in our online store.  Most notable are the small pond systems which cover ponds a bit bigger than three to four thousand gallons.  This includes the Koi Air 1 and Koi Air 2 models which are rated up to 8,000 and 16,000 gallons respectively.

But there was one issue with both of these units and to me it stood out like a sore thumb.  They only work up to a depth of about 4 feet.  This isn’t a huge issue necessarily because many ponds would still fall into this range, but a fair number did not.  So we really needed to find something that would handle the greater depth, and with the PRO 60 we’ve done just that.

The PRO 60 has a maximum depth rating of 10 feet and it would be rare to find any pond that’s around 12,000 gallons or less with much more depth than that. 

It produces a very good air flow, as you might expect, and is rated at 2.1 cfms. 

There are a couple of other benefits to this system as well.  First, most of these small compressors are not weatherproof, which means that you’d need to cover them with something (a cabinet or faux rock usually) to protect them from the rain and weather.  But the PRO 60 has a fully weatherproof case already so you don’t have to worry so much about the elements.  Granted you may still want to hide the compressor somehow, but it won’t be because of the weather!

Along with our other small pond systems, the PRO 60 comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer, and that represents some very good coverage for a small aerator.  Aquascape has the same extended warranty on the Pond Air 2 and Pond Air 4 systems as well.

All of these kits use a very nice, clean, and durable stone plate diffuser that’s incased in a plastic shell.  This makes them extremely durable compared to a standard stone diffuser.

So I guess you can tell that we’re excited about adding this great little aerator to our line up.  We think it will cover a variety of pond layouts very well and like all pond aerators, it’s sure to help keep your pond in better shape, and a lot healthier too!

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