Why We Changed Our Small Pond Aeration Kits

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If you’ve visited our website recently you may have noticed a change in our small pond aerators.  With this in mind I Aquascape pa2wanted to bring you up to speed on this and why we made the changes.

The fact is we are always on the lookout for better performing products and processes and with regards to the Airmax Pond Air 2 and Pond Air 4, they have been admirable and solid performers for us for a handful of  years.  Some of you reading this may have one running in your pond right now and if so, I suspect you’ve been fairly happy with it.  We have been as well.

But we did run into issues with some customers who found that the Airmax units had some depth limitations.  In other words they really weren’t designed to go much beyond 3 or 4 feet in depth.  This will be just fine for many ponds but not for everyone we serve, and so when we came across several units that could work down to 8 to 8 feet, we just had to check them out.

After reviewing the specs and performance of the Aquascape Pond Air 2 and Pond Air 4, we decided to make the switch.  

The air output, measured as CFM’s is almost twice as much (which also added to the increased depth capability) and this allows the units to provide good aerating to slightly larger ponds (with the PA2 coverage increased from 1,000 to 2,000 gallons).

Also the diffusers where uniquely different than most small pond systems.  Instead of a small stone or ball, the Aquascape kits use a stone plate-like diffuser,  which is laid into a plastic housing.  To me this will provide greatly increased durability compared to the stone diffusers alone, which had a tendency to crack from time to time.

And finally the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the Aquascape units runs 3 years, which matches the warranty on all of the other small pond systems we carry.  This is one year longer than the Airmax units.  As with most any small pond aerator that you’ll find on the market today, the new compressors are not fully weatherproof so you’ll need to provide some protective cover from the elements.

Our expectation though is to have improved aeration performance and longevity with the Aquasphere Pond Air 2 and Pond Air 4.  We believe they’re a step up in small pond aeration.  Oh and one other bit of good news.  The pricing will not change from the old models we used to carry.

P.S.  We get so many questions on pond aeration packages for small ponds that I’ll be doing a thorough breakdown of each system and how and where it’s best used, in an upcoming article…so stay tuned.

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