New PondBiotix Small Pond Combo Pack Offer

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about using our PondBiotix line of pond bacteria. As you might know the baseline product for small ponds is a concentrated liquid bacteria which is particular good at nitrite and nitrate reduction and we consider this good for pond wide cleaning.

However customers have been asking about the ME muck reduction pellets as well. These are specially formulated bacteria pellets, with a liquid barley binder that are designed to sink into the muck or sludge which often accumulates at the bottom of ponds, and over a bit of time it will begin to reduce this “compost” significantly. As you might know, this build up of decomposing organics helps to directly feed algae growth in the pond, so any reduction is a step in the right direction.

So the common question is…”can these two products be used together?”

The answer of course is, yes, they certainly can. There is no conflicts between the two and due to their high safety threshold of being naturally occurring beneficial bacteria strains, there are no issues of overdosing as you would get with a chemical application. Each product is specifically designed and targeted to a common problem in many ponds so if you happen to have water quality issues, along with a lot of muck or organic build up at the bottom, then using both together would be a good idea.

For a limited time, and for our newsletter subscribers only, we’re offering a PondBiotix Small Pond Combo Pack where you can save about $8.00 when you order a 1 Quart bottle of SP, and a 5 LB pail of ME pellets. Both products are available with free shipping as well and there is no sales tax charged for any orders outside of Iowa. Please use the special link below to order this package (this link is the only way to get the discount)

PondBiotix Small Pond Combo Pack

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  1. Just reading your very informative articles. Would like to add some information that may help other small pond owners with filtering the pond water. I came up wth an idea of adding door screen cut to fit the inside of the filter netting which really helps filter the pond water. Actually I cut two the same size and put them at the back of the filter net just as clean water gets pumped back up to the falls area of the pond. Really makes a huge difference in cleaning out the muck, etc.

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