Updated Information For The Laguna Pond Aerator

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We’ve recently gotten several questions related to the Laguna Small Pond Aerator that we wanted to address here.

First, since the unit is intended to be used to help keep ice from forming on the surface of a pond the question came up about cold weather operations and winter use. The Laguna will work well for this task but it’s advised to protect the pump from very cold conditions. Placing the pump in an enclosure of some kind and insulating it a bit will help it run better in temperatures below freezing. Even something like a simple plastic cover, tub, etc will work.

It’s also important to note that this particular aeration kit is a really good, reliable little unit, but it has it’s limits on what it can do. It really shouldn’t be used in ponds much deeper than a few feet at best. The deeper the pond, the more you’ll need a bit bigger compressor to do the job, at least when it comes to these small pond systems. Something like the PondAir 2 or PondAir 4 would be a better option for ponds much larger than 750 gallons and deeper than 2 to 3 feet.

For winter use it’s a good idea to use the included float in order to keep the airstone near the surface of the water. The more agitation you can create near the surface, the better the unit will do at keeping a hole in the ice. In very cold temperatures, it’s also recommended to use this aeration kit with a small pond heater/deicer when possible. Be on the lookout for any ice that may form in the airline. If you hear the compressor working a bit harder than normal or sounding louder than normal, check the airline for blockage.

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