Pond Netting Particulars

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With the coming of fall, pond netting becomes an ever increasingly valuable tool to help keep any small pond or water garden clean. Ideally you want to keep most leaf debris out as best you can, and netting is the best deterrent to do that.

If you have a skimmer system, that will help a great deal too, but stopping the leaves from ever entering the pond will prevent the release of tannins…which creates the water discoloring. It’s ok for brewing, but not so useful for ponds.

Also a lot of birds are migrating right now and some of these include Herons and Egrets which like to feed on fish. There are a number of tools available for warding these off and protecting fish, but in all truth, none work quite as well and good stout netting will.

As the video above shows, there are a number of options available for pond netting. You can also learn more by visiting the page below.

Pond Netting And Pond Protectors

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3 thoughts on “Pond Netting Particulars”

  1. I have a huge pine needle tree near my 3900 gal fish pond. The dried up needles drop throughout the year practically. Needles mess up my filters in my pump. The tree is huge, I estimate about 50 feet or taller. Any suggestions?


  2. Hi Joe,

    This is a tough situation. Do you have a skimmer box in place? If not, that may help some. Removing as much of this stuff on a regular basis would help but needles don’t make this work any easier.

    That said, and although this wouldn’t stop all of them from going in, you could probably reduce the build up a good deal by the PondShelter netting or something like it with a really small mesh. Anything to slow the rate down would likely help.

    Maybe someone else has some proven ideas on dealing with pine needles…and remember sharing is caring:)

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