Working Against String Or Hair Algae In A Small Pond

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String algae and hair algae are common problems in small ponds and water gardens. In the video included below, we cover the step by step process of trying to turn a pond around and clear the algae in a safe manner.

A couple of things to note. When we talk about beneficial bacteria in the pond, most of the time we’re talking about a standard bacteria product that may come in powder, liquid, or time release form (such as our 2500 system). However if a lot of muck is present at the bottom of the pond, you may choose to use a pelletized form of bacteria that’s better targeted for that.

And finally, why Algae Fix for the recommended chemical treatment? Well, although Algae Fix isn’t perfect, and it’s not something to use with crustaceans, it’s generally safe for fish and it can be used with biological treatments. In other words, it doesn’t contradict the work you’ve already done to improve the biological performance in the pond. All copper algaecides would be problematic for this.

It’s generally impossible to cover every nuance or instance of using a particular product in this short video…however this will provide a good overview of the steps we take when dealing with string algae in a small pond.

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