Dealing With Hot Temperatures And Your Pond

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Wow, what a heat wave.

It started as a relatively mild spring but in the last week much of the U.S. has felt the heat of summer early. In Iowa we had three straight days in the mid-nineties and now the east coast is getting the same.

As pond owners, we deal with a lot of different things. Every time the weather changes, it can bring new challenges or things to deal with. Heat and hot temps are no exception.

If you have fish, there is simply nothing that can protect them more than a good source of supplemental aeration…and this goes for any size of pond or water garden. There are no exceptions in this case.

In this week’s video pond tip I talk about what aeration is (and what it is not) and cover some of the more common solutions that exist for increasing the vital oxygen for your pond.

Two points about the video below. First of all, you may find that the video size below is a bit small and if so, you can watch a slightly larger rendition by clicking on the youtube graphic in the lower right of the player. Also I want to apologize for the scrolling at the end. It made me dizzy but some of you may enjoy it:)

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1 thought on “Dealing With Hot Temperatures And Your Pond”

  1. Thanks for the tip. We purchased a UV unit and
    killed all the algae in the small pond only to
    learn the hard way. The water smelled, it looked gray. I removed some of the water and replaced it with fresh and also added benefic.
    bacteria. Also keeping filter clean. It seems to be clearing up and has impoved greatly. The fish seem more active. We are keeping a close eye on it. But have learned not to wait until the algae looks like soup and then start UV treatment. Yes we could use some extra oxygen. Thanks so much. Its cooling down……

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