Can Aquatic Weeds And Algae Be Controlled With Fish?

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Aquatic weed control in ponds is one area where it’s been difficult to eliminate the need for chemical usage. Unlike algae, which can often be affected by reducing nutrients in the water, weeds usually take root at the bottom of the pond and pull nutrients from the ground. This leaves us with an option to limit sunlight and sometimes pond dyes will help keep weeds in check. However if the weed is fast growing, hardy, and invasive, a herbicide is usually the first thing that’s recommended.

But before you go about hitting your pond with this chemical grenade, you might want to take a closer look at a fish that’s shown great promise in keeping some pond weeds in check. If the fit is right, they’ve been known to eat pounds of these unwanted plants a day…and that kind of ravenous behavior will make a dent in even the fastest growing pond weeds.

To learn more about this great form of all natural pond weed control be sure to watch the video below.

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  1. Hi, I think using the carp for weed control sounds good.
    Are these fish edible by humans?
    and do most people eat fish that come out of thier ponds?

    thanks for all the great information that you provide.
    take care

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