Pond Care 2011

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Although it’s late January and there’s still snow on the ground, it’s hard not to think about spring and getting the pond going again.

It won’t be long!


Despite the weather we’ve still been quite busy here getting ready for the new season. There’s some exciting things coming along that will really be helpful to a lot of folks who are trying to improve their pond.

Of course on really broad based pond topics, we’re continuing to build out and add information to our new website called Pond Talk. Stop by for a visit and if you’re interested sign up in the forum. It’s new of course but I think it will build quickly with lots of pond owners, questions, and more importantly, helpful answers.

Along with that, we’re getting close to offering some spring specials on our pond workshops, which are always a big hit and a great way to get going into the spring.

We’ve been researching some new devices that are showing great promise in helping keep smaller ponds algae free. Water ionizers are generally unheard of by a lot of pond owners but for most ponds from about 25,000 gallons on down, you can dial in just the right amount of control to keep algae growth down. And they’re pretty affordable to buy and operate, which is an important consideration these days.

Look for more information coming in the near future on rain water harvesting, which is proving to be a great system for saving and conserving water for gardening, pondless waterfalls, and irrigation. It just makes sense to recycle this valuable resource whenever we can.

Ultrasound technology continues to improve and their are updated versions of some of the devices coming out in the springtime. These upgrades will improve the consistency of performance, and allow better control on some of the species that have historically been problematic for ultrasonic controls.

That’s probably enough for now…I need to get back to hibernating and if you’re in the NE United States, our thoughts are with you, and you’re challenging weather conditions of late.

Stay warm!


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