PondBiotixME Muck Eliminating Pellets For Small Ponds

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It’s only been about a month since we released the first of our new PondBiotix (like probiotics for your pond) line up. One of the most outstanding tools I’ve found is the muck and sludge reducing pellets.

They are precisely targeted and formulated to go after muck that often builds up at the bottom of ponds. This might be decaying leaves, dead algae, or dead aquatic weeds but whatever the cause, the fact is, no pond can be completely healthy until this gunk is reduced.

And the pellets are proving to be a terrific tool for that. Up to now though, they’ve only been for large ponds.

Today we’re releasing a formula designed for small ponds, in 5 lb pails that will help small pond owners too. It’s an affordable option that many small pond owners have asked about. PondBiotixME For Small Ponds will compliment our SP bacteria formula very well and go to work directly on the build up at the bottom.

I’ve put together a short video that provides a few more details about PBME and how it can be used to clear up a mucky pond.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwjCOSGdDug&feature=youtube_gdata[/youtube]

Click the following link to learn more about PondBiotix.

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4 thoughts on “PondBiotixME Muck Eliminating Pellets For Small Ponds”

  1. Hi Derald,
    This is a good question. Actually no, the pellets are very safe for fish and will not hurt them. I do suggest if you often feed the fish, to feed them well prior to applying the pellets. This way most of the product will go where it’s intended which is to the bottom of the pond.

    But if the fish do eat a few, no problems. It’s sort of like you or I eating yogurt. It will probably help our digestion by getting a few of the good bugs established in our digestive tract.

    We use only beneficial forms of bacteria in the mix, and the pellets are actually bound together with a barley extract…so it’s all very safe.

  2. when useing pondbiotexme is it a good idea to turn off the uv for 24 hrs or so because of the beneficial bacteris in it. thanks lisa

  3. Hi Lisa,
    With the pellets you really don’t have to turn the uv off if you don’t want or need to. These are really targeted on muck reduction and will sink down into this…they don’t circulate all that much.

    Pond wide cleaning bacteria however, such as the Pondbiotix SP or the 2500 system, or any other liquid or powdered bacteria…yes, you’d want to turn the uv off for at least the first 24 hours and maybe more so it can build up and circulate.

    All the best,

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