Green Water In Your Pond? This Can Help

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Green water, or single cell algae that freely floats around in a pond, can be a real nightmare for the pond owners. Usually this stuff isn’t dangerous for fish but it sure can make a pond look ugly.

We all want clean and clear water in our ponds but sometimes this isn’t always as easy to get as it sounds.

Like any algae, green water uses nutrients in the pond and another big stimulator to help it grow.

In the video below I not only work on my tan…I give you some solid advice on how to control green water naturally.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

You can most likely find plants locally in your area and this is a great way to support local business. I’ll then combine plants with beneficial bacteria to help address the main reasons why algae might be present.

I’ll usually give this approach at least a few weeks to even a month or more to work. If green water proves stubborn, which it sometimes does, I’ll then consider adding a ultraviolet light to the system to help work specifically on the green water.

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3 thoughts on “Green Water In Your Pond? This Can Help”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your updates.

    I have a 36 watt uv for 700 gallon pond.
    I still get algae on bottom and sides of pond.

    I tried many different products. Water is clear but the algae gets to be too much.

    Should I up the watts in my uv?

    Thank you for your time,

    Carman Lando

  2. I would realy like to watch the video.I have the paragraph that says’ In the video below I not only…’ then the is a big space, then the next paragraph starts with ‘ you can most likely find plants…’. I do not see the vedio. Please help.
    Warm regards

  3. Hi Carman,
    No, the uv is only designed to work on green water (single cell algae). The type of algae you describe cannot pass through the uv therefore it will be unaffected. You could use something like Algae Off to spot treat this or supplement a bit more in the pond body with bacteria, this might help as well.

    Hi Hlopheth,
    This could be your browser, I’m not sure. If you have trouble seeing or playing any of our videos you can go to directly and search for klmgroupia to see all of them that we’ve put together.

    All the best,

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