An Argument About Aeration

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Nearly everyone agrees on certain things.

The world is round for instance…I’m thinking we can all agree on that.

But bring up the topic of pond aeration and things get a little shaky. It’s not the fact that it’s good for a pond and for fish…no debate there. What folks may disagree on is what’s adequate or enough and how do you know all is well in your pond?

In the video below I’ll share my thoughts and clear the air…in your pond…pun intended.

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4 thoughts on “An Argument About Aeration”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve really been enjoying your video’s, they are really informative. In this one, what I learned is that it wasn’t good to leave dying plants in the pond. I usually leave the hyacinths in the pond for the koi to munch on their roots AND I discovered that during the winter, the little Pine Siskin birds like to eat the flesh of the bulbs of the hyacinths….So, I guess what I could do is to put the plants in a tub or something so the birds can have a meal (I have pictures), and the fish can have their oxygen.

    Again, thanks for ALL the great info you put out there for us to read.

    Take care, Linda

  2. Hi Mark,
    I have some trap door snails in my pond and an aerator,I heard if they come to the top the oxy level is low and if they stay down the level is ok. I have 4 diffusers running all the time,Had no problems losing fish at all.
    (knock on wood)
    I enjoy watching this site for all the tips i can get and have had good success.
    Thanks for caring about peoples needs.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I was having lots of problem with my little pond till I added two defusers, which now I keep running all the time.
    So far things appear to be better, but
    I am also testing everyday to make sure that
    things don’t get un balanced.
    thanks for all your good information
    Malibu, CA

  4. I been managing a pond for eight years now. I do keep yearly journals on the activities within the pond. I have bluegills, crappies, and smallmouth bass in the pond. I started aeration with a diffuser on the bottom of the pond when I first started. This runs 24 / 7 and I believe it has kept the fish alive throughout the eight years. The aeration is one of the least expensive investments I have in the pond. I would not have started the pond with out the aeration system.

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