Quarantine Your New Fish

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Here’s a short video that covers the basics of quarantine, or separating any new fish you may be bringing into the pond, to keep the spread of disease and problems down.

Most of this isn’t hard to do or very complicated but it can be vitally important to maintaining your fish health in your pond.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZMoDHZHbD4&feature=youtube_gdata[/youtube]

Here’s a few other tips for successful quarantine.

The holding tank can be something like a rubber maid stock tank (similar to what we used in our diy biofilter video.

Keep water quality in excellent condition. 10% water changes per day, good filtration and very good oxygenation/aeration.

Use netting to cover the top of the container and do not keep fish in the dark, allow them natural daily light.

Maintain temperature in the 70’s.

Treat the Koi in quarantine with medicated food, salt at 0.3% and either Supaverm or Prazi. If you have Goldfish to quarantine, do NOT use Supaverm. You may also safely use Dimilin in quarantine to prevent macroscopic crustacean parasites like anchor worm or fish lice.

Run the quarantine at least 14 days and look for signs of illness which may preclude a longer treatment time.

Avoid crowding fish…2 inches of fish per ten gallons is recommended as the highest load density.

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