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As I write this the weather has finally turned cold here in Iowa. We were below zero last night and may reach about 20 degrees above today.


I guess I should have suspected that things would turn cold…they almost always do in December or January…and I have to admit that one recent indicator of the weather was a slew of orders for pond deicers.

For pond owners who keep their ponds open year round, a heater is a great way to keep ice cleared away from part of the surface. This allows a much needed exchange of gases…the bad stuff can get released from the pond and some oxygen can get in, and of course that’s very good news for the fish.

A good pond heater doesn’t have to cost very much, and you can usually get a really good one for less than $40.

One question I do get a lot however is, do they have a thermostat or come with one. And the answer is many of them do, but some do not. And most are not adjustable in terms of their activation temperature. So the pond owner might have concerns about unwanted heating and power usage when it’s not necessary.

But there is a good option for temperture regulation if you need one.

thermocubeIt’s called the Thermo Cube and it’s a thermostatic plug in for electrical devices that will turn on at 35 degrees and turn off at 45 degrees.

It’s simple and easy to install, just plug the unit into the power outlet and plug your heater cord into the device. The Thermo Cube will do the rest.

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