Book Recommendation – Encyclopedia Of Water Garden Plants

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One of the most often suggested steps to dealing with water quality issues and algae problems in a pond is to install desirable plants like lilies and lotus or a variety of other green goodies.

Many natural pond managers will use plants as the mainstay to controlling algae, and while it may take a lot of them to do it (some suggest 2/3 coverage on a pond surface) the fact is, no matter what ratio you go with, it will help the pond become more healthy.

I have never been a real expert in terms of pond plants other than algae issues. But like everyone I continue to learn more pratical things about working with a pond. Books are certainly a great resource for education and I wanted to mention one that I’ve found very helpful.

The Encyclopedia Of Water Garden Plants is a good size volume. It has 388 pages and over 700 high quality color photos that will cover just about every desirable pond plant you can imagine.

This work is really a thorough book that covers an area of pond care that’s often overlooked or given too little attention. With this resource though you can find just about any information you’ll need, regardless of what plants you’re interested in working with. Each category of plant is discussed in its own chapter, with information about its proper soil, planting and climate requirements. Much of the book is given over to descriptions of various species, and home gardeners should especially appreciate the book’s useful appendixes, which list plants for special places, such as table-top ponds, as well as by their colors.

Marginal plants, hardy varieties, floaters, and bog plants as well as others are covered. I’m trying to think off the top of my head any that were left out but nothing is coming to mind! This is one complete work on plants that you’ll surely want to add to your pond at some point.

So if you’re looking for that gift for someone special…namely…Y.O.U…take a look at the Encyclopedia Of Water Garden Plants. Read through some of the chapters and you’ll become a pond plant expert in no time!

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